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Beautiful food starts with amazing produce - L'Escalier Salads and Vegetables

Today we're showcasing two of our suppliers, Ferme les Champs L'oeil and Meyfrenie

La Ferme Les Champs L'oeil is located just outside of Mareuil and is run by Louise and Teddy. They harvest very early each Monday and Friday and Louise (pictured) can be found at the market in Mareuil each Tuesday morning, with Teddy attending the market in Angouleme on Saturdays.

La Ferme de la Meyfrenie is located in Verteillac; David (pictured) can be found at the markets in both Mareuil and Verteillac (Saturday), complete with his hat - he's never out of the house without his hat!

L'Escalier have been partnering with these guys since we've opened and together these two local suppliers deliver the abundance of fresh salads and vegetables that appear on our menu each day.

Sourcing locally grown produce is key to our ethos at L'Escalier; there's nothing better than knowing exactly where the food we prepare for our customers comes from, how it's been produced and who has laboured with passion to produce it.

Often the produce is harvested that morning and appears on the menu that or the following day.

It's fresh, it's healthy; it's local; it's produced and transformed with love.

Our menu for August is below. check out the great salads and vegetable dishes that these guys provide, or just simply root them out at the markets, buy some of their produce and take it home!

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