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Meet the Surprise Guest Team - John Speller

A bit of a coup for the restaurant this one. John Speller has lived in the area for over 15 years, is often heard (due to his collection of very loud vehicles) and rarely seen (due to his fear of being seen in public and compared to Sonny Crocket) so we are thrilled to have him at the restaurant in front of house capacity for the next couple of weeks.

An ex city trader, the only way to describe John is to imagine Del Boy speaking French in the middle of the dwarf scene of the Wolf of Wall Street. If you can get your head around that, you'll get through him attempting to talk you through the menu; best to order a cocktail before he starts.

Possibly one of the the most attractive men in restaurant at any given moment (in his head at least), John will amuse, entertain and confuse everyone in equal measure.

When not in the kitchen : Cutting his lawn naked

Interesting fact : once led a patient breakout to a local pub wearing a bed sheet for a toga when staying in The Priory for addiction issues.

You just have to make a reservation to experience this - click here.

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