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Meet the Team - Maëva Durand - Front of House

Introducing Maëva Durand. Behind the innocent facial expression of Maë masks the wicked desire to rule the world and inflict upon all inhabitants a mandatory diet of Limousin Boeuf (served pink), Chimichurri washed down with a bottle of Frank Phelan three times a day. This shot was taken by a customer who had the audacity to casually state "J'aime mon steak moyen svp" ... and it almost ruined the evening for everyone. Notice the eyes.

Anyway - joking aside, Maë is unflappable, quietly confident and very efficient with a sense of humour that everyone appreciates. Her patience in correcting Mark's French is also appreciated by us all.

When not in the kitchen : Festivals.

If you prefer your Limousin Boeuf served pink and would like a table then click here.

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