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Meet the Team - Polly - Front of House

Now I know what you're asking; why is Polly not paying attention to the glass?

Well, let me tell you, Polly is only the member of our front of house crew that can pour a glass of champagne blindfolded, so used as she is to this particular ritual, having been forced to practice morning noon and night since the age of 5 by Jamie Lee Curtis impersonators.

In fact, the rather startled look on Polly's face in the above picture is because Jamie Lee Curtis had just said "I've had 4 already, I'll make that my last one, before I move to Pouilly Fume; it is, after all, only 1030"

Current favourite dish from the kitchen : Vodka cured Trout

When not in the kitchen : Curing Trout with Vodka

You can check out Polly's champagne pouring skills by reserving a table - click here.

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