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Meet the Team - Steve Boreham - Chef

What Steve can't do with a pair of candied beets, a courgette, a cup of olive oil and a G-String is not worth knowing.

Originally from the UK, but having now lived in France for over 20 years, Steve is the artist of the team and can often be seen arriving to work, long greying hair waving in the wind, a bifta hanging out of his mouth and a "Ello Darling" salutation that sounds like a '68 Mustang screeching to a halt outside a 7/11. It's been said that Steve's objective in life is not to shuffle off this mortal coil with an understated farewell, but to wheel-spin into the grave on the back of a Harley, holding a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black and shouting "f*** me, what a ride!"

When not at work, Steve will be found with a Fender Stratocaster in his hand playing Hey Joe with the sort of passion that would make all lovers of food and music dance with excitement. In fact, being around Steve is a wonderfully agreeable assault on most of your senses and we highly recommend it!

Current favourite dish from the kitchen : Hendricks and Tonic

When not in the kitchen : Jimi Hendrix

You can check out Steve's performance with a guitar here at recent Soiree in the Square event or alternatively, his performance with his candied beets, a courgette and a cup of olive oil at your table if you click here.

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