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Meet the Team - Marc Duncan, Chef

Despite originally coming from the same suburb of Manchester as the Gallagher brothers of Oasis fame, Marc has been living in France since 2002 and is one of four chefs we have on the rota at L'Escalier. When not in the kitchen, Marc studies at Saint Joseph l'Amandier à Saint Yrieix en Charente where he is often found sporting a selection of rather questionable garments.

He has a passion for food that seems boundless, including but not limited the desire to place flowers on everything that comes out of the kitchen, a trait that the other chefs find puzzling.

Current favourite dish from the kitchen : Limousin Beoeuf, chimichurri

When not in the kitchen : Playing guitar, (Badly, according to Steve, one of the other Chefs - more about him later)


To book a table and find out what Marc can produce (without flowers), click here.

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