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Meet the Team - Satadru Ashton - Front of House

Satadru comes from the North West of England and speaks French with the most amazing Manchester twang! She loves Boddy's (if you know, you know) and claims there's no dish that can't be improved by pouring gravy on it!

Nicknamed the Cream of Manchester (and if you want to check this video out, you'll realise why), Satadru is not only the smallest member of the team but the one with the loudest laugh; we love working with Satadru almost as much as her husband loves waving her off to work for some brief respite.

Current favourite dish from the kitchen : Trout cured in beetroot.

When not in the kitchen : Route-marching the dog!

She is often heard before seen and so to book a table and chat with Satadru, click here.

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